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Here are some comments from past students about their experiences
working with me and creating their own Winning Six Second 
and other career development toolkits

"I really wanted to work abroad and knew a lot of companies shy away from expats. I knew Kelly had experience living and working overseas which was why I approached her to help me write my resume. She guided me through the entire process and told me what to expect with an expat posting. I got my DREAM job in one of the top hotels in Dubai! I knew the chances were slim and never thought it would be possible. Thank you for setting me up for a successful career."

~ Valentina, Hotel ManagerUnited Arab Emirates 

"Kelly was great at helping me improve my resume and she taught me how to write cover letters. But the other thing that I really learned from her was how to write a professional LinkedIn profile. Now that I’ve changed careers, I use my LinkedIn profile constantly to find new clients and reach out to potential hires. I never considered LinkedIn to be that valuable until Kelly suggested I take it seriously and then she helped me understand how to use all the different functions. Thanks for opening my eyes to the possibilities."

~ Shaun, Real Estate Agent, USA

"I thought my resume was fine because I kept getting interviews, but no offers. I approached Kelly for interview training and she asked to see my resume first. She suggested I change about 50% of my resume. I resisted at first, but when she explained that recruiters often know who they want to hire based on resumes BEFORE the interviews even take place, I agreed to give her approach a try. Kelly was right! Within six weeks I had four interviews and three offers. Thanks for setting me straight."

-Bella, Financial Advisor, Australia


"Kelly is the best. I was at the end of my doctoral program and applying for professor positions. Kelly is a professor herself, and used to be a department chair in charge of hiring other professors, so she knows how the system works. She took my resume and bled all over it in red ink. She completely revamped my resume with me, helped me prepare for the interview, and most importantly, guided me through the negotiation process. Out of my fellow classmates that graduated that year, I got the job at the best university and with the most generous salary and relocation package of anyone I know. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without Kelly’s guidance."

-Cindy, Professor, USA

"I’ve worked with Kelly twice. First I worked with her two years after I graduated from college and wanted to move from an entry level position into management. She helped me rewrite my resume so it was more polished and highlighted my achievements. She also taught me how to write a cover letter that showcased my leadership qualities. Needless to say, I got the exact job I wanted. A few years later, I ran into Kelly and told her I wanted to continue working my way up in the professional world. I started working with her again, this time to formulate goals and a development plan to get me to the executive level. I’m continuing to climb the career ladder and seeing greater salaries, more promotions, and promising opportunities. Kelly’s advice has been fantastic."

-Andy, Technology Company DirectorJapan

"I did one-on-one coaching with Kelly and it was totally worth it. I know she normally works with professionals, but I was a little different. I left the Navy and wanted to apply to medical school. In the military you NEVER have to write a resume to get your next job, so I didn’t have anything to start with. I submitted applications two years in a row and never got a single call for an interview. On the third try, I found Kelly and she helped me write my resume and application essays. Those got me invited to interviews with all three schools I applied to. She helped me prepare for my interviews and I received admissions offers to all three programs. I couldn’t have done it without Kelly’s expertise."

-Tom, Emergency Room PhysicianUSA

Winning Six Second Resume Clients
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